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On 5/18/06, Wilson Gray <hwgray at gmail.com> wrote:
> White female speaker, mid to late twenties:
> "She stole my rent money, smoked up my weed, slept with my boy
> friends," etc., etc. "She just _juiced_ me."
> This use of "juice" is new to me. So, I went to the source. The Rap
> Dictionary yielded the tautology:
> "To squeeze the juice out of."
> However, it also supplied the following cite:
> "You can't juice Ice Cube, girl!" -- N.W.A. (I Ain't The One [1988])
> Hence, I have altered the definition to read:
> "To take advantage of someone."

Some related definitions for "juiced" from Urban Dictionary (the last
one takes a charmingly prescriptivist turn):

The act of Stealing someone's property by force or suprise.
Jose just got Juiced by that black dude.
Mike got Juiced for his money.
1.tricked or decieved into thinking one thing but getting something else
Man Joe sayed he was gonna make my cd but he juiced me bro
same meaning as 'dissed', except better; means that you got made fun
of or 'got served'..except 'dissed' is not a real word, and 'getting
served' when you are being made fun of is actually the incorrect
meaning..relation:you are getting your emotions and pride squeezed out
of you when someone makes fun of you, like an orange
"JUICED!!!" (said after a diss is said to them)
"aw man she got juiced so bad because she is an extreme slut"

--Ben Zimmer

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