French harp

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Tue May 23 16:15:00 UTC 2006

>I discovered to my surprise the other day that a friend of mine with whom I
>play among other things traditional American music did not know what a
>french harp was.
>Since I've used this term all of my life I am just curious if anyone on
>this list is unfamiliar with it.
>Please don't look it up online but just tell me if you have ever heard or
>used it because I was amazed by the fact that my friend who is a bluegrass
>musician and banjo player didn't know what a french harp was.
>I can't play the thing worth a damn but my grandfather could, and he always
>used that name for it.
>Is it no longer used?
>This inquiring mind wants to know.
>No responses from linguistic experts who never grew up using the term but
>learned it professionally allowed.
>Page Stephens
We always called it a "mouth harp," a term I supposed was universal!  I
don't think I ever  heard "french harp" before today.

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