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I was just pointing out that there was a factual error. When taking on a
divisive issue, it's important to get the facts right. Otherwise opponents
will use the errors to discredit the argument.

And the national anthem is somewhat different as that is an "official"
patriotic song, one that has been singled out in law to represent the
country. So, there is some reason to object over that one and not others.
(Not that I object; just playing devil's advocate here--the issue of
English-only songs is a silly one, or would be if there weren't racist
overtones throughout.)

And I'm wondering if Scalia and other conftitutional originalifts wouldn't
infift that the official dialect be that of 18th century Philadelphia. All
documents muft ufe the medial s, or they are not official.

--Dave Wilton
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So some patriotic songs can, without blame, be translated into Spanish for
singing on public patriotic occasions, but not others? So many rules when
have a national unifying language!!!

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> And Bush did not sing the national anthem in Spanish on the campaign
> The song they sang in Spanish was "America the Beautiful." It was
> reported as the "Star-Spangled Banner" by some news sources.
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