Fwd: "Fresh Air" piece by Nunberg

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIO.EDU
Wed May 24 22:11:18 UTC 2006

I got the transcript of the commentary on the National Anthem in Spanish
which Geoff Nunberg gave on NPR last Saturday, straight from the horse's
mouth, and he said I could forward it to you all.  You can download "Coming
to America" from iTunes--I didn't know that!  I'm going to use the piece in
my classes, if I don't get reported to the PC Police.  And of course the
Neil Diamond song is marvelous.


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>Hi Beverly,
>I'm in Europe and unable to send to the list since I can't send from my
>regular email, but the piece is at
>http://www-csli.stanford.edu/~nunberg/himno.html. There's one small error
>in the piece, which I won't be able to correct in the Web version until I
>return next week: the figure of 600,000 children taking all or most of
>their instruction in English at the turn of the 20th century includes all
>students, and not just those in public schools.

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