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Fri May 26 13:54:23 UTC 2006

Last night in a conversation, Danny (WM, professional, c 25yo, gay): "His 
tights were so short that you could see all of his junk--it was pushed right out 
there" (paraphrase of sentence, but JUNK obviously referred to 

Does anyone else use this term in this way?

In a message dated 4/29/06 10:04:19 PM, RonButters at aol.com writes:
> In a message dated 4/29/06 11:19:16 AM, kenny at UDel.Edu writes:
> I'd have to look up the reference (which I can't do right now since 
> I'm in the midst of reorganizing my library and my books are in 
> chaotic disarray), but I remember Ethan Mordden using the term "junk" 
> in the relevant sense in at least one of his books.  That would place 
> the usage in the early 80s (when most of his books were written) or 
> earlier (the story I'm thinking of was a reminiscence about the 70s) 
> in New York City.
> Ken
> Sorry aol hadn't delivered this to my mailbox yet when I wrote my previous 
> posting. It WAS Mordden's book I was thinking of: I've a Feeling We're Not in 
> Kansas Anymore: Tales from Gay Manhattan. But I do think that "junk" referred 
> to the butt, not the penis. And that Mordden SAID he made it up.

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