Singular "Youse"

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Fri May 26 14:26:05 UTC 2006

1905 _Lippincott's Monthly Mag._ (Feb.) 48:

  "Where you goin' ?"
  "Nowheres. Where you goin' ?"
  "Ain't you ?"
  "Then I'll just drag along with youse."

  1905 _The Watchman_ (Jan. 12) 31: "Mebby youse won't believe it, ma'am," said the hungry hobo, "but I've been a -lookin' fer work fer more'n ten years."

  1904 _Puck_ (Oct. 19)  7 : "Yer a bright Sherlock, youse are !"

  1904 _Outing_  (June)  278 : "D--n, why don't youse learn to swim?" is the leader's sympathy to the sobby, shivery kid on the pier-head.  _Ibid._ 279: See here, Willie, we've a-rescued youse from drownin', ain't we? An' youse stick to telling yer mother dat.

  1895 _Life_ (Mar. 21) 181: G'wan t' sleep, Chimmie. I'll sing youse a song.

  1884 _Life_ (Aug. 21) 102 : Is it youse oi see, Patsy?...Gud-day to yez.

  1882 _United Service_ (June) 661: I hopes youse forgiv' me tis once.


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