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An on-line Farmer & Henley is a great idea, and anyone with scanner technology should consider assisting Mehlberg in this project. His website, around for two or three years now, is a unique source for research into the nature of English-language bawdy humor, past and present.  His labors have already provided scholars with digitized versions of extremely rare primary sources.


John Mehlberg <contact at IMMORTALIA.COM> wrote:
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Sender: American Dialect Society
Poster: John Mehlberg
Subject: Dictionary of Slang by Farmer & Henley

Hello everyone,

My name is John Mehlberg and I plan issuing a digital version of Farmer =
& Henley's _Dictionary of Slang & Its Analogues_ starting with the =
revised Vol.1 issued in 1903. =20

I need scans of vols 2-7 and, if I can get six others to work with me, =
we can break this up into one volume per person Is there anyone out =
there who would be willing to contribute to this process? Can anyone =
provide me with scans (preferably of the original 1st edition or of a =
facsimile edition)?


John Mehlberg
My website: www.immortalia.com

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