Gay Nineties (1923?, 1925); Coffee Pot (1925) & Coffee Pot Canyon (1928)

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I don't have time this late at night to sort this out in separate posts. I
just noticed that the humor magazine LIFE in the 1920s has been digitized. As
expected, R. V. Culter has "Gay Nineties" in 1925. Is the following 1923 'Gay
Nineties" cite correct?
I noticed Walter WInchell's articles in LIFE and decided to look at "coffee
pot" (HDAS 1928, but no "coffee pot canyon"?), "Mazda Lane," "Orange Juice
Gulch" and so forth.
1 April 1923, Syracuse (NY) <i>Herald</i>, pg. 12:
"THE GAY NINETIES" by Richard Vincent Culter
_Illustration  22 -- No Title_
Life (1883-1936). New York: Apr 9,  1925. Vol. 85, Iss. 2214; p. 7 (1 page)
26 August 1925, Atlanta <i>Constitution</i>, "Lights of New  York" by Pierre
Van Passen, pg. 6:
New York, August 25. -- Every second or third house on Broadway and the  wild
side streets is either one of these Java stands called "The Coffee Pot," or
a Nedick orangeade establishment. It is argued the orangeade is the more
popular  in the summer time and because the long thin glasses can easily be filled
up  with a little something from a hip flask, (done quite openly). But you can
do  the same thing with coffee. Every doughboy remembers "cafe au rum." And
good it  is in a snowstorm. It certainly warms the cockles of the heart.
5 January 1926, Atlanta <i>Constitution</i>, "Lights of New  York" by Pierre
Van Passen, pg. 6:
But even Harry K. Thaw in that wild whirl of his along Mazda Lane in  company
with pretty Fawn Gray did not live up to the reputation given him by the
press agents.
5 April 1928, <i>Life</i>, "Along the Main Stem" by Walter  Winchell, pg. 26:
Orange Juice Gulch has been missing you since the old man made you come  home
to go to work.
20 May 1928, Washington <i>Post</i>, pg. F2:
No Broadway columnists will be portrayed in the night club scenes, but
giggle-water, whoopee-making, getting that way, having a mad on, doing  coffee-pot
canyon -- all these will be written on the faces of the actors in the
Griffith Night Club.
14 June 1928, <i>Life</i>, "Along the Main Stem" by Walter  Winchell, pg. 10:
I've discovered other nicknames for parts of the town. Broadway is known as
Orange Juice Gulch, Mazda Lane, Coffee Pot Canyon, Fraudway and the Chow Mein
Stem. Then there's the Thumping Thirties, the Flaming Forties, the
Four-flushing  Fifties, the Sexy Sixties, the Salacious Seventies, the Elegant Eighties
and the  Nancy Nineties.

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