Buffallo (NY)--"City of Light" and "McKinley Curse"

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The Buffalo Sabres play in the NHL playoff's tonight. Eliot Spitzer just  
today accepted the Democratic convention nomination for New York State Governor  
in Buffalo.
Buffalo's nickname (taken from Paris) is "City of Light," from the electric  
light display at 1901 Pan American Exposition.
"McKinley Curse" has been used for Buffalo in the past 100 years, but, like  
the "Curse of the Bambino," it seems more coincidence/convenience than a 
formal  "curse." The "McKinley curse" was mentioned on NPR in 2001. Supposedly, the 
 failure of the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl in the 1990s prompted  
Buffalo's newspapers to invent the "McKinley curse." Are Buffalo's newspapers  
digitized to check this?
_CITY  OF LIGHT WAS SHAKEN.; Czolgosz Nearly Killed the Exposition. 
Stockholders Stand  to Lose a Million. Buffalo's Splendid Courage is Bent Toward Making 
THE NEW  ASSOCIATED PRESS. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current  File). Los 
Angeles, Calif.: Sep 23, 1901. p. 2 (1 page) 
_REVIVAL  IN BUFFALO; City Shaking Off Effects of Fortnight of Anxiety. 
BRILLIANT CLOSE OF  EXPOSITION Six Weeks More Left Beautiful City of Light in Which 
to Recover from  Heavy Blow of National Tragedy -- General Rally All Over the 
Country to Show  Sympathy -- State Days to Be Observed on More Magnificent 
Scale Than First  Proposed. _ 
The Washington Post. Sep 23, 1901. p.  7 (1 page) 
_FAREWELL  WEEK AT BUFFALO.; Close of the City of Light to Be Marked by 
Notable Series of  Events. _ 
The Washington Post (1877-1954).  Washington, D.C.: Oct 28, 1901. p. 1 (1 
_Buffalo, New York - Wikipedia, the free  encyclopedia_ 
... that Buffalo suffers from the  "Curse of McKinley" -- that the city has 
been cursed by bad  luck since President McKinley's 1901 assassination and this 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo,_New_York  - 109k - _Cached_ 
ey+curse+and+buffalo&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=2&ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_ 
_Buffalo is Focus of National Radio  Show_ 
"Buffalo has always fascinated me since I  visited my aunt Zula there when I 
... to the 'curse'  of the McKinley assassination, to Charlie Chaplin candy at 
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_New York » Blog Archive » History of  Buffalo_ 
(http://goto-new-york.com/travel/32/history-of-buffalo/)      ... that Buffalo  suffers from the “Curse of 
McKinley” — that the  city has been cursed by bad luck since President  
McKinley’s 1901 assassination and this  ...
goto-new-york.com/travel/32/history-of-buffalo/  - 14k - _Cached_ 
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_History of Buffalo_ (http://goto-new-york.com/travel/32/history-of-buffalo/) 
27 Apr 2006 by sukhdeep  
There is a myth, propagated by a local newspaper  following one of the 
Bills’ four straight  Super Bowl losses in the 1990s, that Buffalo suffers  
the “Curse of McKinley” — that the city  has been cursed by bad luck since 
_New York -  http://goto-new-york.com/travel_ 
_Complete Life of William McKinley and  Story of His Assassination - Page 
by Marshall  Everett
LYING IN STATE IN BUFFALO. ...  “Curse the man that shot you!” he said. The  
urged him forward, and he went out shaking his I  muttering against the ...
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