Clogs (slow pedestrians)

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Wed May 31 19:06:08 UTC 2006

>From today's NY Post (I'll bet the writer of "25 Things Every New Yorker
Should Know" has never heard of me--sigh):

19 How to drop the slang
Do: Say "Coffee, regular," which means coffee with milk and two sugars.
Don't: Say IRT (which stands for the original Interborough Rapid Transit). "Then
you're being too New Yorky for your own good," says Malice, co-author of
"Overheard in New York" and the subject of a new Harvey Pekar graphic novel.
"You're being a showboat."
A few slang terms on the horizon (for better or for worse) include: clogs for
 pedestrians who walk slowly, BelDel for Below Delancey and G-Slope for
Gowanus  Canal.
And please, Malice notes, "The person who is working the booth in the subway
is always going to be called the token lady."

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