The n-word in New York

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Fri Mar 2 02:08:06 UTC 2007

>Proposed Res. No.  693-A
>Resolution  calling on the Council of the City of New York to declare a
>symbolic moratorium  on the use of the ’ÄúN’Äù word in New York City.
>By Council Members  ..........&c.,&c.

Oh, boy.  So now do we get to declare a moratorium, &c., on all the
insulting, abusive, degrading & violence-inciting terms applied, from time
immemorial, to the much larger, in fact world-wide,  population of female
human beings?

Why didn't they simply state that they deplore the use of this word & ban
its use under penalty of a fine, or whatever, within their  council


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