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Thanks, Doug.  Your second below has good
context.  And the mention of "vaudeville" helped
me narrow Google Book search:  "act in one" and
"vaudeville" returned yours, another book from
1915 -- and a hit from the American Thesaurus of
Slang: A Complete Reference Book of Colloquial
Speech, by Lester V. Berrey, MelvĂ­n van den Bark
(1953), Page 573!  But the snippet view for the
last doesn't display "act in one".

In any case, I will submit "act in one" since
it's not in OED2 -- except under "olio"!  (I
missed this earlier, by not remembering to search also for the plural.)

1928 Amer. Speech IV. 68 Behind these
drops,...are the oleos, or act-curtains.
These...are used for small vaudeville acts....
Such acts...are termed oleo acts, or acts in one.


At 3/1/2007 09:40 PM, Doug Wilson wrote:
>I haven't read these carefully but the "act in one" is described in this
>book about vaudeville from 1915 ...
>... and in another book from 1915 ...
>-- Doug Wilson
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