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When I was at UT in the late 70's, the expression was "the Harvard of
the Southwest".

Charles Doyle wrote:
> Perhaps the smallness of the Web presence is partly attributable to the fact that Austin is NOT "on the Brazos"; it's on the Colorado River!  What's on the Brazos is (shudder) Texas A&M.
> Way back about the mid-1960s, a magazine--Harper's, I believe--ran a feature article on UT and the aspirations for the university that were harbored by its president, Harry H. Ransom.  The article was titled, "Cambridge on the Plains."
> --Charlie
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>> "Berkeley on the Brazos" refers to the University of Texas at Austin or sometimes the city of Austin.  Strangely enough, it has a very small Web presence--I was under the impression it was a pretty common way for the rest of Texas to refer to its central island of left-leaners.
>> Anybody know when/where this originated?
>> WS
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