Archeo-porn ("Jesus Tomb" documentary)

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"Archeo-porn" was discussed in the Ted Koppel-led discussion on the  
Discovery Channel of the "Jesus Tomb" documentary.
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59 minutes ago by Chris Brady  
Jonathan Reed has a  similar view (calls it archeo-porn!). Both do not like 
the  way it puts forward their conclusions first and (Reed) create a chain of  
suppositions upon suppositions. Neither believe that it is convincing.  ...
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_Curiosity had me watching “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” tonight. The  ..._ 
(      49 minutes 
ago by Sonia  
Though  Jacobovici fancies himself an investigative journalist, it’s clear he’
s no  match for Koppel - Koppel is skewering him. So far, my favorite part 
was  when Reed coined a new term by categorizing the “documentary” as  
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