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Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Tue Mar 6 16:48:18 UTC 2007

>•     Candidate Wants Le Pen on France Ballot

Naturally -- so the voters can write in his name.

This image:
>•     Man Pierces Milosevic's Grave With Pole

reminds me of, from the ADS-L archives, 4 Jan 2007 [edited]:
>(NYTimes, August 25, 1994):
>China Cabinet Orders a Drive Against Inflation
>Bejing, Aug. 24 (Reuters)--The Cabinet ordered a
>new drive against inflation today ...
>(Presumably a kitchen cabinet uprising against rising food prices.)
>See also the ADS-L archives for my "Adjectives
>vs. nouns in headlines", June 22, 2005
>My personal favorite such headline (although I
>haven't seen it in the flesh yet--but one can
>perhaps rely on continued inflation of tensions
>in the eastern Mediterranean) would be:
>"Turkey Army invades Greece".
>Especially at Thanksgiving time, this would be
>more appetizing than the other way around.

At 3/6/2007 09:44 AM, David Bergdahl wrote:
>In a curious style feature, AP-headlines sometimes use adj-forms for
>countries (American, Palestinian) but sometimes don't (France, Austria).
>•     Army Medic Is Found Guilty of Desertion
>•     Russia Journalist Worked on Weapons Story
>•     Nazi-Looted Art Sold to Dutch for $4M
>•     American Women Hospitalized in Moscow
>•     Man Pierces Milosevic's Grave With Pole
>•     Blair's Office Denies Leaking E-Mail
>•     U.S. Draws Negative Ratings in Poll
>•     Candidate Wants Le Pen on France Ballot
>•     EU Will Wait to Restore Palestinain Ties
>•     8 Die in Austria Midair Collision
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