"Hot Dog" (1893, 1897); Hamburgers & Trilby Sandwich

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Yes, and if it is accurate it can, through the powerful magic of Public Relations, be transformed into a money-making claim that the hot dog was invented in Knoxville.




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"Hot dog" from 1893? In Tennessee? Let's check the hard copy of the =
newspaper first to be sure that the date is correct. If the 1893 date =
pans out, this would be an important antedating. And since Barry traced =
"hot dog" (hot sausage in a bun) back to 1895 (with an indication of its =
origin in 1894) at Yale, the question arises: What is the earlier =
attestation doing in a Tennessee newspaper?
In any case, great work, Barry.
Gerald Cohen


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Subject: "Hot Dog" (1893, 1897); Hamburgers & Trilby Sandwich

I've subscribed to Newsbank's _www.genealogybank.com_
(http://www.genealogybank.com ) =
service, for only about $10 a month. It has the newspapers in
Newsbank's "America's Historical Newspapers" (that no local Texas =
subscribes to, despite my UT and Texas State). This database has the =
Dallas Morning
News, and it's good to finally have home access.

28 September 1893, Knoxville (TN) Journal, "The (They?--ed.) =
Overcoats," pg. 5:
It was so cool last night that the appearance of overcoats was common, =
stoves and grates were again brought into comfortable use. Even the=20
weinerwurst men began preparing to get the "hot dogs" ready for sale =
Saturday night.
11 April 1897, Kansas City (MO) Star, pg. 2:
_What Trilby Sandwiches, "Hot Dogs" and_
_"High Balls" Are._
Kansas City, Mo., April 9, 1897.--To the Star: What is a "Trilby =
What does a young man mean when he says to his friend, "Let's go get a =
dog?" What is a "high ball?" ANXIOUS MOTHER

A "hot dog" is a sliced bun and wienerwurst. The origin of the term goes =

back to the current facetiousness of university towns.

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