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     Glamping:  Glamourous camping

     From the AP, via CNN, 3/6/2007


     "Did a bad experience turn you off camping? Maybe your tent leaked
     in a rainstorm or you shivered all night in a borrowed, smelly
     sleeping bag. Or that thin foam pad you were trying to sleep on
     didn't do much to protect your back from the rocky, uneven ground
     beneath your tent.

     It doesn't have to be that way. Tour companies and resorts now offer
     luxury camping, and the term "glamping" -- shorthand for glamorous
     camping -- is starting to turn up in reports from the United Kingdom
     and Canada. The New York Post recently mentioned "glamping" in an
     article on a new Web site for luxury travel, http://www.globorati.com.
     (The story also referred to "jetrosexuals" as a globetrotting jetsetter
     who thinks nothing of hopping on a plane to Asia for a shopping spree.)"
     (Globorati article cited above could not be found)

     Canada.com, 6/27/2006
     "In England, glamorous camping -- or glamping, as it is called -- is
     fast becoming a national pastime, prompted in part by celebrity-studded
     festivals like Glastonbury, where the likes of Kate Moss and Sienna
     Miller make trudging through mud look chic"

     Irish Times, 06/01/2006
     "Want to explore life under the open skies but covet creature comforts?
     Welcome to the world of "glamping", for people who only want to sleep
     under five stars, writes Alanna Gallagher."

     GadgetCandy.com, 2/24/2006
     "Tom Hanks and Sean Penn are doing it. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie
     want to do it. What are we talking about? “Glamping�? – or glamorous
     camping for those not yet in the know. Yep, according to trend watching
     agency The Future Laboratory it’s going to be the thang to do in 2006.
     So what does the modern camper need?"


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