"Patience, perseverance and sweet oil" (1854)

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"Patience, perseverance and sweet oil" is not in the Yale Book of  
Quotations. Who said it? Is the second line ("agreeable to Hoyle") an early  "according 
to Hoyle"?
The name of Edmond Hoyle (1672-1769), author of several works on  card-games 
(the earliest, on whist, dated 1742): often cited typically for an  authority 
on card-playing. Phr. according to Hoyle, according to the highest  authority, 
in accordance with strict rules.  
1906  _‘O. HENRY’_ (http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-h2.html#o-henry) 
  Four Million (1916)  14 The financial loss of a dollar sixty-five, all so 
far  fulfilled according to Hoyle. 1945  A. A. OSTROW  Compl. Card Player p. 
vii, It  has been the custom to call books of rules on card and board games ‘
Hoyles’, so  that ‘according to  Hoyle’ has come to mean ‘according to accepted 
rules’. 1962  R. BARKER  Clue for Murder v. 38 This one  [sc. murder]'s right 
out of the . mustrictly according to Hoyle. 1965  _J. M.  CAIN_ 
(http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-c.html#j-m-cain)  Magician's Wife (1966) xix. 147, 
I want our marriage to be strictly on the I wathe way it is in the books, 
absolutely according to Hoyle. 1971  Melody Maker 21 Aug. 34/7 If  everything 
goes according to  Hoyle, I'll go into semi-retirement there.
“Perseverance and sweet oil”
"Perseverance and sweet oil” seems like a Texas way of doing things, but this 
 phrase dates from at least the mid-19th century. 

_Google  Books_ 
History of the Express Business 
by Alexander Lovett  Stimson 
New York: Baker & Godwin 
Pg. 182: 
“But  patience, perseverance and sweet oil, 
Make all things work agreeably to  Hoyle.” 

_Making  of America_ 
March 1854, Putnam’s Monthly Magazine, pg. 302:  
...nevertheless, “patience, perseverance, and sweet oil” will, in time, cure 
 this and all other absurdities and evils in Missouri, or under the sun.  

29 April 1859, Daily Columbus Enquirer (Columbus, GA), pg. 3:  
A little time and lubrication—perseverance and sweet oil, will overcome all  
the difficulty. 
[Lou. Jour. 

7 December 1952, Dallas  Morning News, part 1, pg. 23: 
For many months, perseverance and sweet  oil, to use an old Texas phrase, 
have been used with manufacturers of tubular  goods. 

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