'cop' senses not in OED

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HDAS 1 - the editor-approved supplement to the OED - has 'em and more.


Lynne Murphy <m.l.murphy at SUSSEX.AC.UK> wrote:
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Subject: 'cop' senses not in OED

Was looking for various senses/uses of 'to cop' in the OED, and although
there are 2004 additions on the on-line version, I didn't find the meanings
I was looking for. They seem to be American English--though that shouldn't
keep the OED from covering them:

to cop a plea [= to admit guilt in order to get a reduced sentence]

to cop to NP [= to admit to NP]

Examples of the latter:
www.proteinwisdom.com/index.php/weblog/entry/20616/ -
So, our favorite brain-dead troll demands anonymity so complete it wonÂ’t
cop to a gender,

I would readily cop to a kill all the bad guys mentality,

I have to cop to a portion of that reasoning myself

Just in case the OED editors are watching. (Feel free to suggest I send
such comments to a more specific e-mail address--I don't have one at the


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