the "v-word" and friends in the NYT

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Mar 11 20:51:59 UTC 2007

New York Times, Sunday March 11
Section 1, second front, p. 29 ("Our Towns")
"A War of Words, All of Them Hyphenated"

This is for TimesSelect subscribers only, so I can't provide the URL
(since I'm not one), but you can find it on Lexis/Nexis.  He
discusses the recent cases in which three female high school students
got suspended for using the word "vagina" in their reading of an
excerpt from the eponymous monologues.  The coverage of the "War of
the Words" extends to other slurs and controversies in the recent
news--from "macaca" and "scrotum" to the "n-word" battles to the
(interestingly) uncensored repetition of  Ann Coulter's repeated use
of "faggot" as a (presumably metaphorical) descriptor for John


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