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bingo2  (OED 1936)

1923 _Lincoln_ (Nebraska) _Sunday State Journal_ 21 Oct.  27
(Newspaperarchive.com)  The midway was lined with stands and  booths
running from "fortune tellers" to "Bingo  Stands."

On 2 February 2004, I posted:
15 August 1923, IOWA RECORDER (Greene,  Iowa), pg. 1, col. 5:
"This office is receiving numerous  inquiries from the fair secretaries
regarding the corn game, bingo, corno,  etc., and for that reason it is
advisable to issue this  letter.
"The above games and games of this nature are games of  chance, pure and
simple, and are considered gambling games under the Iowa  laws.  The corn game
and its associates are nothing but the old "keno"  game of years ago.
"We have adevice from Attorney General Gibson  that this game is not
allowable under the laws of this state and it has  already been closed at
places this season.  No fair can afford  to lose their state aid, so keep your
midway clean.
"This  office recommends that you abide strictly by the Iowa laws and allow
nothing  but games of skill.  Protect yourself and do not sell privileges  for
corn games, corno, bingo, etc., wheels of any kind or any other game  of
chance." (...)
Yes, it's all here. The "hamburger" from Athens, Texas, "french fries" from
Paris, Texas--documented from a New York Tribune article that doesn't exist..
It's going to the Texas House:
My "hamburger" letter to the Yale Daily News wasn't printed.
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