When carbon means carbonless

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Fri Mar 16 03:30:59 UTC 2007

Joel S. Berson wrote:
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> At 3/15/2007 09:57 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>> ...  The other day, I ordered duplicates, and the operator confirmed, calling
>> them "carbon [copy?] checks". Knowing now that I was silly to ever have
>> assumed just a few years ago that a bank would send out carbon checks
>> with carbon, I just affirmed, but I thought it interesting that the word
>> "carbon check" can now be used to refer to a "carbonless check". I
>> assume this is due to people not familiar with a withering technology
>> applying a term to a new technology without understanding what the term
>> actually meant.
>> Perhaps the simplest explanation is that "carbon" has added the meaning
>> of including paper underneath that makes a copy when you write.
> And the electrons underneath that make a "Cc" when you send email.
> Joel
LOL. Seriously, though, is the word "carbon (copy)" used for CCing with
e-mail? I never use it that way. BB

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