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The alteration of / n / to / m / in "cranberry" is frequent but perhaps lacks sufficient historical documentation. I myself say it whenever possible.


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Jonathan Lighter posted:

1918 Edward Streeter _Dere Mable_ (N.Y.: Frederick Stokes) 10: Soup an
turky, dressin, crambury sause an
pie an smashed potatoes. All in one plate.

Note spelling of "cranberry" as well.

If you're going to do that, note also the spellings of "and", "turkey",
"dressing", and "sauce". Better yet, don't bother with any of them.
Obviously the narrator or fictive author of _Dere Mable_ (note sp of "dear"
and "Mabel") is not a good speller.

"Smashed potatoes" is a likely true find, though.

m a m

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