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Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Mar 17 14:06:43 UTC 2007

Nerdpower of words - Chris Pirillo writes a good popular email newsletter.
He has influence on word generation.  So the word "twitter" is now more than
the chirping of birds, it's the chirping of nerds.  Apparently he is getting
negative feedback on his report that the new vista operating system is
giving him problems so he's reverting to XP.


Okay, yeah - so I’m kinda getting twitterpissed. There are a few people in
twitterland who I thought were real-life friends, and even though my
twitterings are at a minimum, and even though I had already added them as
friends, they aren’t reciprocating. WTF is up with that? isn’t that difficult to find.

Not a minute goes by when I don’t see someone talking about twitter, so
let’s just try to make this semi-interesting. I finally have 1-888-PIRILLO
(1-888-747-4556) set up to ring directly to voice mail, so…

Pick up a phone (or Skype)
Punch in 1-888-7474-556 (1-888-PIRILLO)
State your name and URL
Answer today’s question: Do you love / hate Twitter, and why?
Anybody and everybody can participate. I’ll string together the voicemails
and post ‘em as soon as I have a few in the stack. C’mon, talk to us. I’ll
ask a completely different question tomorrow.

BTW, Ponzi had added ~20 twitterfriends before she added me as a friend (and
I only discovered she had a Twitter account after Jeff Barr IM’ed me about
it). Great. Now “twitter” is a freakin’ part of our home vocabulary.

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