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Sat Mar 17 19:09:28 UTC 2007

    Is Jonathan Green's citation below, which includes "nimble-wimble", the earliest attestation of a word reduplicated by a "w"? Cf. in this regard "palsy-walsy," "snookum-wookums," "eentsy-weentsy."  Also, btw, how did "roger" get its anatomical sense?
Gerald Cohen


>From Jonathon Green,  Sat 3/17/2007 9:32 AM
Subject: Re: to roger


1653 Urquhart _Gargantua & Pantagruel_ (1927) vol. I bk. I 44: And some
of the other women would give these names, my Roger, my cockatoo, my
nimble-wimble, bush-beater, claw-buttock, evesdropper, pick-lock,
pioneer, bully-ruffin, smell-smock, trouble-gusset, my lusty live sausage.


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