Poor Boy (four lane highway); Slate link & my web statistics

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Sun Mar 18 19:21:32 UTC 2007

Thanks, Jesse, for noticing that. The web statistics seem to show 243  hits
from that Slate link ("red velvet cake").
I noticed that my March web statistics show 76 hits to an old Urban
Elephants post (I hadn't posted to the NYC Republican site in a long time) and  was
very curious. My 3-17-2006 post there was titled "NYC ST. PAT'S SPECIAL:  ORIGIN
OF CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE." (_http://urbanelephants.com/nyc/node/3095_
(http://urbanelephants.com/nyc/node/3095) )
The link given was accurate at the time:
But it now takes you to my home page, not to the article. All my old links
are bad! The new link is:
I seem to have lost a lot of traffic for people who wanted to know the
origins of "corned beef and cabbage" for St. Patrick's Day. My "corned beef and
cabbage" article is extremely low on Google, but it's number one if you include
"Jiggs dinner." An obvious solution would be to improve the poor Wikipedia
entry  on the subject (_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corned_beef_and_cabbage_
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corned_beef_and_cabbage) ),  but their policy is
that I have to give my work away for free WITHOUT linking to  my site? That
someone else can link this but I cannot?
Anyone ever heard of the "poor boy" four-lane highway? It's popular in  Texas
and the South. This "poor boy" is not in DARE or the revised  OED.

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