abate = "to increase"

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I think you're going to have to compare it to previous stats to
really nail it down. There were days when 60+ were killed.

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>Date:    Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:05:37 -0700
>From:    Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM>
>Subject: abate = "to increase"
>Tell me I'm wrong about this:
>   2007 _Yahoo/ AP News_ (Mar. 18) [
>http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070318/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iraq ]: BAGHDAD -
>Sunni insurgents, resilient despite the five-week security crackdown
>in the capital, killed at least six more U.S. troops over the
>weekend. A Sunni car bomber hit a largely Shiite district in the
>capital Sunday, killing at least eight people....Across Iraq, at
>least 20 people died Sunday, a sign that violence continued to abate
>as U.S. and Iraqi forces press ahead with what many view as a
>last-chance bid to quell the sectarian violence in Baghdad and
>central regions of the country.
>   JL

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