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>Wilson wrote:
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>>>From MacUpdate:
>"Convert _numeric numbers_ to Roman numbers[sic] and vice versa."
>Well, the writer may have a point. *Numeric* numbers consist of
>numbers, whereas *Roman* numbers are made up of letters.
> <<<<<
>I happened to notice the same usage recently on the SEAsite Tagalog site,
>belonging to the  Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois
>University, on their page "Tagalog Greetings and Phrases". Under Numbers
>they list the cardinal numbers in a table. The column headed "Roman Numeral"
>contains the familiar digits, which I grew up calling "Arabic numerals": 1,
>2, 3,..., 12, 13, 20, 21, 30, 40, and so on. (The other columns show the
>native Tagalog numbers, the Spanish number loan words that are used as
>well, and the English.)
>-- Mark
Are you suggesting that Arabic numerals are getting the "Freedom fries"
treatment?     :-)

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