Smoking Gun (July 1974)

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As evidence of a crime, not necessarily a political one, this was common
when I started as a cop in 1969:  "How do you solve a domestic homicide?  Go
to the scene and arrest the one holding the smoking gun."  Not sure where
the antedating source might be - police manuals, detective magazines, crime
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OED2 has October 1974.

A couple of cites from the New York Times that use the term. Besides
antedating the OED by a few months, they are significant in that they show
the term was in general use by the time Barber Conable, who is widely
credited with first use, used the term on 5 August 1974.

NYT, 14 July 1974, p. 169: The big question asked over the last few weeks in
and around the House Judiciary Committee's hearing room by committee members
who are uncertain about how they felt about impeachment was, "Where's the
smoking gun?"

NYT, 21 July 1974, p. 1: Representative Robert F. Drinan, a Massachusetts
Democrat who is among the president's outspoken critics, said that the
section of the summary that focused on alleged abuses of Presidential power
contained "the smoking gun" tying Mr. Nixon directly to wrongdoing in the
Ellsberg case.

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