A new meaning for "Republican"

Landau, James James.Landau at NGC.COM
Fri Mar 23 18:12:58 UTC 2007

<snip>a coach's job is also to give his team the best shot of winning,
and especially in the college game, that means fouling to prevent a
last-second three-point attempt.  <snip> 
Still, it's amazing how many coaches just won't buy it. Another
anti-hacker is Bucknell coach Pat Flannery, whose teams upset Kansas and
Arkansas, respectively, in the '05 and '06 tournaments. He trains his
defense to trap the good shooters, and doesn't want to risk a bad bounce
on the second foul shot. "You've worked your tail off for over 39
minutes, and to foul at that point, for some people it's a great
strategy, but for me, I'm too much of a Republican," he says. Meaning
conservative, I assume? "Absolutely. Maybe there are some Democrats out
there that could do it, but I couldn't." 
Fair enough, Flannery. But for my (tournament pool) money, those Sweet
Sixteen coaches should be leaning left every time. 

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