A new meaning for "Republican"

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At 3:22 PM -0400 3/23/07, Charles Doyle wrote:
>Besides, a foul to prevent a 3-point shot would have to cause worry
>about a bad bounce on the missed THIRD free throw.

I beg to differ.  The intentional fouls in such situations are always
given (or at least always tried to be given) *before* the
three-pointer is hoisted up, so the team that's down by 3 is awarded
only a two-shot foul.  The main danger, as the anti-hacker coach
recognizes, is that the guy who's fouled makes the first shot, misses
the second intentionally, his team gets the rebound (the "bad-bounce"
scenario) and puts it up for the tie.  The second, less likely danger
is that the foul *will* be called in the act of shooting and the guy
who's fouled makes all three shots--he wouldn't try to miss the third
if he makes the first two.  If the Xavier coach last week had been
less conservative (and more sensible), he'd have had one of his
players foul the Ohio State guy Lewis before he put up the
three-point shot and they'd have pulled off the big upset (barring
one of the above scenarios, of course).


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>>Subject: A new meaning for "Republican"
>><snip>a coach's job is also to give his team the best shot of
>>winning, and especially in the college game, that means fouling to
>>prevent a last-second three-point attempt.
>>Still, it's amazing how many coaches just won't buy it. Another
>>anti-hacker is Bucknell coach Pat Flannery, whose teams upset
>>Kansas and Arkansas, respectively, in the '05 and '06 tournaments.
>>He trains his defense to trap the good shooters, and doesn't want
>>to risk a bad bounce on the second foul shot . . . .
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