OT: "Hamburger" bill passed by Texas House

Amy West medievalist at W-STS.COM
Mon Mar 26 04:28:12 UTC 2007

I thought of you, Barry, when my 2nd grader brought home an issue of
Time for Kids with a sidebar on all the places fighting to claim the
hamburger. My Wurst kids "know" that "hamburger" is made from people
from Hamburg and "frankfurters" are made from people from Frankfurt,
and we're pretty sure of the ingredients of Touristenwurst, so we
just don't get all the hoo-ha over it.

---Amy West

>Date:    Fri, 23 Mar 2007 23:30:10 EDT
>From:    Bapopik at AOL.COM
>Subject: OT: "Hamburger" bill passed by Texas House
>It's official now. The "hamburger" comes from Athens, Texas--and "french =20
>fries" come from Paris, Texas. It's well documented in the New York
>  artic
>le that doesn't exist!
>I'm thinking of writing an opinion or long letter to the editor about all =20
>this (Austin American-Statesman? San Antonio Express-News?), but wonder if =20
>anyone at all will publish the truth.
>Looking back, I think it was really silly of me to write to the committee =20
>chairman and say that I'm an expert on this issue and I'd like to testify on=
>  it.=20
>  Of course he wouldn't respond. What was I thinking?
>Barry Popik
>(wondering why anyone needs facts when you have politicians)

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