"Jigaboo Man" (1911)

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Tue Mar 27 21:30:55 UTC 2007

Modern version (Jay-Z has mostly made this term his own):

"It's a Dynasty! Who do you believe?
Jigga Man, mo' better, mo' cheddar
Foes knock the man off your Polo sweater
Roll with the R-O-C, A-Fella
Remember me? The teachers used to fail us
Now it's mo' scrilla, hoe killers
Fo'-wheelers, we - gorillas
Oh please feel us - we heat holders"

"We doin.. big pimpin up in N.Y.C.

It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B

Yo yo yo.. big pimpin, spendin cheese"

Also--"Jigga that Nigga" in various versions and "Ain't No Nigga (like the one
I got)"

"I play hard-eh till they say God..
he's keepin it real jigga stay hard
lawd don't even trip
I never slip, nigga what you dont see is whatcha get
weapons concealed what the fuck yall feel
when you nigga play sick we can all get ill
-whats the deal-"

This started around 96 with his first album, but possibly before because he
guested around some first. On his latest album, he is still using Jigga and
for his tour in Ghana the website calls him Jigga.

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