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On 3/30/07, Wilson Gray <hwgray at> wrote:
> My experience re "grinding"
> also being a kind of dance once popular among the adolescenti is the
> same as yours. What's the current dance called, wherein the chick
> bends forward at the waist and grinds her arse against the guy's
> crotch? Would that there had been such a dance in the '50's! Now that
> I fantasize, uh, think, about it, the dance could still be called
> "grinding."

It's still the current term, at least as far as Wikipedia is concerned...

Grinding is a type of close partner dance where two or more dancers
rub their bodies against each other in a manner perceived as
suggestive. It is popular in the house and hip-hop dance styles. It is
often performed at nightclubs and parties that play house and hip-hop
Grinding has also been referred to as houseing, juking, freak dancing
or freaking, bubbling, dirty dancing, Bump and grind, Eating the
apple, and crunking (UK). It should not be confused with crunk.
The most common dance techniques involved in grinding are, but not limited to:
    * The partners face the same direction so that one partner's
buttocks (typically a female) appears to be in contact with the other
partner's groin (typically a male). This is the most common technique
in the reggaeton scene, otherwise known as perreo (see above). In some
parts of the Northeastern United States it is commonly called
culiando, which translates as "love handshake".

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