NINJA home loan (No Income, No Job or Assets)

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NINJA + NO INCOME--11,400 Google hits
Loans to NINJAs? March 14, 2007 appears to be a good date for this.
The week's best invented words
Apr 15,  2007 02:30 AM 
    *   NINJA  loan, n.: the minimal requirements that have to be met to 
qualify for the  lending industry's latest offering: No Income, Job or Assets. 
(_BuzzWhack.com_ ( )
    *   Litter on a stick, n.: any form of roadside advertising, notably  
signs and billboards. (_doubletongued.org_ ( )
    *   Hater tots, n: "the figurative snack you consume when you're  hating 
on someone. Sample exchange: 'He acts like he's so cool because he has  that 
Mercedes SLR.' 'Man, you need to cut down on all those hater tots you've  been 
eating.'" (_urbandictionary.com_ ( )
    *   Momic, n.: a comic who is a mom and whose act consists primarily  of 
jokes about motherhood. (_WordSpy.com_ ( )
    *   Stained-glass ceiling, n.: "a barrier to the advancement of women  
within the hierarchy of a church." (_doubletongued.org_ 
( )
    *   Malchemy, n.: "continuing to spend money at your usual rate after  
losing your job." (_www.neologisms.us_ ( )
    *   SITCOM, n.: "what yuppies turn into when they have children and  one 
of them stops working to stay home with the kids: Single Income, Two  
Children, Oppressive Mortgage." ( 
( )
_Ass-Backward Lending Practices Send Global Stock Markets  Tumbling_ 
14 Mar 2007 by gordo  
(g) The “NINJA”  loan — NINJA standing for “No Income, No Job and No  
Assets.” So homebuyers were set up for failure. They were given loans that  
required payments far in excess of what could be sustained.  ...
_appletree -  http://www.appletreeblog.com_ ( 

_March 14, 2007_ 
(      14 Mar 2007 by Randy Anderson  
One  cheeky lender went so far as to advertise what it dubbed its  "NINJA" 
loan -- NINJA standing for "No Income, No  Job and No Assets."" US economy 
leaving record numbers in severe  poverty - "The percentage of poor Americans who 
are  ...
_The Fall of  Humanity - 

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