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I first encountered _ghetto_, adj., on a student slang last way back in 1997.  It was defined, in typically vague undergrad fashion, as "something bad."

  _Scary Movie 2_ (2001) includes the line, "Some people is so ghetto !"  That was also the year I began to hear it on the Springer show, used almost exclusively by black guests.

  A preliminary definition might be, "exemplifying stereotypical, lower-class black attitudes, tastes, or behavior; (_chiefly in African- American contexts_) meretricious; unsophisticated; crude."

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Beyond being offensive, such terms as nigger-rig are, IMHO, more
than a wee bit ironic, too:
If that term is supposed to mean something has been made to "just
barely work", it could be imagined that the fixer had, at the VERY
least, the git-up-and-go to get (whatever) working AGAIN, even if
not quite to designed-for standards.
And truth be told, the person who caused (whatever) to be dysfunctional
more'n likely was a chromatically disadvantaged person, as I am.
And I'm curious as to who uses the term 'reggin'. That sounds like a
construction that might have been arrived at by a rapper.
(the other) doug

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Hasn't it been proclaimed that racism is dead? New formations such as
"niggerbox" for boombox and "nigger-rig" as a replacement for
"jury-rig," as well as pswaydo-euphemisms like "reggin ("nigger"
spelled backward) weed" for low-quality grass make the 21st-century
appear to be only numerically distinct from the 20th.


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