Doomsday Plane

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That's why it's the Secretary of Defense who was described as ordering the launch.


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But being Bush, he must believe that any doomsday will necessarily be the
time of the Rapture, so he doesn't need a Doomsday Plane. As soon as it
begins, he will be teleported up to Heaven and snuggled in safety.

Scot LaFaive

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>Fox has aired a story about "the Doomsday Plane, as it's called," any of
>four aircraft to be used by the President and Cabinet in case of, well,
>Thanks to the plane(s), according to Fox, "the Secretary of Defense can
>launch a nuclear attack from midair."
>And unlike Air Force One, "the Doomsday Plane can withstand a nuclear
>Well, maybe just a tiny one....
>TIME mag story here:
>More pix & info here:
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