The hoard speaks -- or writes?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Tue May 8 12:47:53 UTC 2007

At 5/8/2007 08:30 AM, Charles Doyle wrote:
>Here's another head-scratcher:
>Yesterday I watched the fine motion picture _The Scorpion King_
>(2002), a saga of multiethnic barbarians in the remote past (at
>least one group referes to itself solemnly as "the hoard"),
>somewhere in the Middle East. Near the beginning the protagonist
>(played by that gifted thespian The Rock), pledges--jointly with two
>confederates--the destruction of an adversary: "As long as one of us
>lives, he will die."

Yes indeed.  Did the movie have subtitles (a la Gibson)?  Or did it
show the viewer the tablet of their commandments, where they
misspelled themselves as "hoard"?  (Sorry, Charlie, I don't mean to
pick on you; we all mistype -- or are mis-spell-corrected.)

Actually, I like "As long as one of us lives, he will die" -- a
strong statement.  And if both of us die, he will die too.


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