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Wed May 9 03:13:54 UTC 2007

>The original radio show was "Take it or Leave It" which debuted in 1940 and
>ran until 1947. They asked questions which went up to a prize of "$64."
>The phrase "$64 question" was, by 1942, pretty well known to many Americans
>and used in newspaper stories from that date.
>The ACTUAL radio show "The $64 Question" debuted in 1950 and ran until 1952.
>The "$64,000 Question" debuted in 1955 and ran until 1958.
>Sam Clements
Okay!  I'm glad to be corrected on this. " Take it or Leave it" it is.  I
 never actually heard the later $64 question radio show, since I wasn'
listening to radio in that period.

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