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>> Okay!  I'm glad to be corrected on this. " Take it or Leave it" it is.  I
>> probably
>> never actually heard the later $64 question radio show, since I wasn'
>> listening to radio in that period.
>> AM
>Hey, you old coot.  Neither was I.  We got a tv in 1947.  12" Philco cost
>I missed out on all the great radio from the early days.
You were a real pioneer tv-owner. from my point of view!  We got our first
tv in  '88 or '89 .  I missed all the "great" tv, if that's what it was,
from the early days.  I didn't even hear much radio from 1948, when I went
off to college, until discovering KPFA fm 6 or 7 years later  when we were
living in Berkeley.

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