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> All I know is that the phrase was originally "That's the $64
> question," and IIRC, it got raised to "64,000 question" as the title
> of a TV quiz show in the late 1950's...

Given that, though, it's worth noting that the morning show of the
station i listened to near the end of grad school (around 2000) had a
game segment called "the $64 question", which played on the similarity
to "the $64,000 question", the joke being that it was a low-budget
segment. Given that, it's interesting that there was actually some
historical truthness (no -i- in there:) to it.

I can't remember whether this was before or after i moved for work; in
any event, it would have been Philadelphia's WMMR or Salt Lake City's
KENZ (back when both of them were much more independent from national
media companies than they are now). It's probably more likely that it
was KENZ, since part of that station's morning show shtick was reminding
people that they weren't getting big bucks from companies like Clear
Channel, and so some of their stuff had to be done on the cheap.


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