hard words on TV! Part deux

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 10 18:02:19 UTC 2007

I'd go with ~speesheez instead of ~speeshees (species).

Of interest here is that Pres. Bush pronounces plural words ending in the
letter "s" as ~s, instead of ~z.  A lot of this is going on.

I call it tradnouncing or tradtalking (saying a phoneme in a most familiar
way as it would be pronounced for most traditonal spelling).  I call
traditional spelling, tradspel.

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>Gretchen Carlson, - classical violinist, former Oxford undergraduate, Miss
>America 1989 - is having a bad word-day.  Commenting on a film clip of
>polar bear cubs frolicking in the zoo:
>GRETCHEN CARLSON: They're the only ones of their species - is it
>BRIAN KILMEADE: "Speeshees."
>GRETCHEN CARLSON: The only ones of their speeshees born in North America.
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