"snubbing your nose"

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Old examples of "snub one's nose at":

 From N'archive:


_La Crosse [WI] Tribune_, 5 March 1909: p. 3:


<<A five-dollar doll sat on a chair / And snubbed her nose at a one-dollar
bear. / "Your tag is all I need," said she, / "Or care to know of your
pedigree. / I'm just five times as good as you, / And that's as plain as
two and two." / ....>>


_Modesto [CA] Evening News_, 27 Dec. 1924: p. 6[?]:

<<But the California-Pennsy game is nothing to snub your nose at.>>


_Charleston [WV] Gazette_, 19 Sep. 1937: p. 1:

[Shaw is the president of the American Sunbathing Association, meeting in CA]

<<Shaw snubbed his nose at another so-called "nudist convention" held at a
rival nudist camp a few miles from here two weeks ago.>>


_Fresno [CA] Bee_, 12 Nov. 1945: p. 16[?}:

<<He writes as if Russia is perfect and we are absolutely corrupt, so much
so that any Russian would snub his nose at us.>>


-- Doug Wilson

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