Can sound be put in these messages?

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 11 14:27:25 UTC 2007

I guess what some are saying is that they're using some old dial-up modems
that can't handle the size of sound files.  I simpathize with you.
Meanwhile, in modern times, there are cable modems and DSL telephone modems
that have no problem with bandwidth.  Get onboard.  Meanwhile should
diminished capability hold back others?

I have to say that anyone who would want to thwart sharing sound files in
this forum has some agenda against something or someone that is beyond my

Meanwhile there have been some good suggestions as to how to do it.  I
appreciate that.  I know there are some programs that put a link in an emali
to go to a voice message.  Perhaps that would work.

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>Michael H Covarrubias <mcovarru at PURDUE.EDU> hopefully* wrote:
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>Quoting Tom Zurinskas <truespel at HOTMAIL.COM>:
> > Can you see tomorrows headline "American
> > Dialect Society not interested in hearing
> > dialects in their email.  Decide not to
> > have voice files in there email group
> > because it's equated being as useless as
>Uhhhmmmmm...Yeah. That's it. A simple matter of extra messages.
>Do you understand that data takes up bandwidth? Have you been reading the
>explanations? They're not...It isn't...
>  <<<<<
>He never does, Mike. He's turned part of his off.
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