hard words on TV! Part deux

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Fri May 11 22:29:08 UTC 2007

On May 11, 2007, at 3:13 PM, James Harbeck wrote:

>> Of interest here is that Pres. Bush pronounces plural words ending
>> in the
>> letter "s" as ~s, instead of ~z.  A lot of this is going on.
> Although I don't have data on GWB's pronunciation of "Jesus," I know
> that in many more conservative and evangelical Christian circles
> (such as he often frequents), it is pronounced with the final
> fricative voiceless, rather than voiced as most other Anglophones
> would have it.

?? i don't think i've heard it with final [z].  and both AHD4 and
NOAD2 have it with final [s].  do you mean the *medial* fricative?
that i've heard pronounced [s] rather than [z].


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