Can sound be put in these messages?

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 15 17:29:32 UTC 2007

This is a test of  I'll read the text below.  Click on this
link to hear it, or select it and put it in your address line and hit enter
to hear it  It's been tried and works.  Let us know if it doesn't from the
ADS group forum.

This is a test of to enable voice files to be used on the
ADS. I am actually reading the text I've written that you should be able
to read in this message as well. To send a message here as well, go to and sign up. Then compose the message but don't send it to
ADS, send it to yourself. You will receive it with a site address for
your message. Copy that site address and put it in another ADS message
along with text. That's it for putting voice in our messages.

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>From: Grant Barrett <gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG>
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>Subject: Re: Can sound be put in these messages?
>Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 08:37:54 -0400
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>Subject:      Re: Can sound be put in these messages?
>On May 10, 2007, at 06:32, Dennis Preston wrote:
> > I suggest we look into a repository of our own where we might store
> > such items.
>As Jesse has suggested, the ADS web site is suitable for this. I
>believe over the last eight years I have had such a request one or
>two times before for other kinds of files. If anyone would like to
>make a sound file available to the list, please do the following:
>1. Send me an email about the file, telling me what it is and how big
>it is. Don't include the file at first. I don't want to be surprised,
>either, if a user tries to send me a 700 MB rip of a CD-ROM. It
>happens--Jesse's caution is justified. Also, if the file goes beyond
>the obvious parameters of Fair Use, we may need to talk about if, or
>how much, of the file we can post.
>2. I'll either have the person send me the file via email (if it's
>small enough) or assign them a unique FTP login to the server so they
>can upload it.
>3. If I deem the file is too big or in too strange a format, I'll
>transcode it to something smaller or more universally accepted. Some
>lossless compression formats, for example, though seemingly ideal for
>dialect work, are often not widely read without each listener
>installing new codecs.
>4. Once the file is situated on the server, I'll send the original
>submitter a unique URL which they can include in their post to the list.
>Total turnaround time should usually be a few days or so.
>Grant Barrett
>Vice President of Communications and Technology
>American Dialect Society
>gbarrett at
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