FYI: Glenn Beck on "snuck"

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu May 17 01:17:24 UTC 2007

>Near the end of today's show, a viewer wrote in and told Beck that Beck's
>use of "snuck" is improper because "snuck" is not a word. It should be
>Beck said that he uses "snuck" all the time, and he has a tv show and  the
>viewer doesn't, so it's proper.
>Not one of Beck's greatest moments, IMHO.

No, he could have responded with much better reasoning. Of course
"snuck" is a word. It's been around for a long time! It's in the OED,
with citations from 1887 on. The very fact that he can say it and the
viewer can understand it proves that it's a word.

I think he should have told the viewer to feaked off.

James Harbeck.

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