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Landau, James James.Landau at NGC.COM
Thu May 17 13:24:23 UTC 2007

At the next meeting of the investment club I belong to, there will be a
vote on changes to the By-Laws.  Among the proposals are one about what
to do when a member ("partner") becomes "incompacitated" and another one
stating that in the event of an emergency, "a telephone pole will be

Speaking of the word "partner", I found an especially ambiguous use
recently, in a news report about a man arrested for drug dealing.  The
report kept referring to the man's "partner".  Did that imply they were
lovers?  Well, it was stated that they had once shared an apartment, but
also it was important to the story that the two men jointly owned a
restaurant, and hence were business partners.

OT:  to the person who brought up the furtive schwa in "pelap(a)legic",
can you explain why everybody in the US is convinced there is a city in
Mexico named "Aunt Jane"?  Tijuana (correct spelling) is commonly
pronounced Tiajuana (as in "Tiajuana Trolley"), which is Spanish for
"Aunt Jane".

     - Jim Landau

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