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Sun May 20 01:58:16 UTC 2007

>Canadian speakers and other dialects can be heard at the web site "The
>Iternational Dialects of English Archives" IDEA.

Wonderful! Thank you!

I note that the only two samples they have for Alberta at the moment
are from members of First Nations (Indian tribes) -- since most
Alberta Indians (at least of my acquaintance, and since I grew up on
a reserve with parents who worked for the tribe and had a chance to
go to many gatherings, I do have a fair amount of expeirence in this,
although it's mainly the 1970s and 1980s) speak their own language at
home and in the community much of the time, their English can have an
accent at least slightly different from that of the monolingual
lantive anglophones. But I assume they will ultimately have more

James Harbeck.

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