Nappy-headed Hos (Was: "Nappy-headed who'es" redux)

Chris F Waigl chris at LASCRIBE.NET
Sun May 20 02:21:37 UTC 2007

James Harbeck wrote:

> For those wondering about they style of Dr. Aman's web presence,
> might be useful reading. I
> wouldn't say it justifies it, but it does indicate that one need not
> take it personally.
> I fail to see the utility of rudeness in scholarly discourse, but it
> might make useful material for a study in pragmatics. Much discourse,
> of course, isn't really about what it's "about" so much as it's about
> some manoeuvring or needs on the part of the speaker.
> But in my experience with email lists, people who like to flame
> others aren't worth keeping in the long run. Civilized discourse is
> more effective, and -- contrary to what many flamers like to say --
> more honest. Lists that become spittoons for people with personality
> disorders lose their habitability.

Thank you for posting this. I considered for a moment replying to
Reinhold Aman directly, as his type of post is something I very much
dislike seeing here.

I had considered before his last post to add a note to his first one
about disagreeing with his suggestion for a translation of "nappy-headed
hos" into German. However, this has become moot now: civilised discourse
about his own contribution has effectively been ended by him.

Chris Waigl

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